Green River Museum

Visitors are afforded the opportunity to view photographs, documents and other artifacts from the colorful riverboat era in Butler County.

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Woodbury is a beautiful, historic, small town situated on the banks of the Green river.

Closer Than You Think

Residents of Woodbury are able to live a small town rural life without having to miss out on all of the amenities of the big cities. They are able to do this because of Woodbury's proximity to the larger towns.

Distance from Woodbury

(Following miles are highway miles)

  • Morgantown, KY is 4.8 miles (10 min drive)
  • Bowling Green,KY is 23.6 miles (35 min drive)
  • Louisville, KY is 113 miles (1hr 45 min drive)
  • Nashville, TN is 90.8 miles (1hr 30 min drive)

Demographic of Woodbury

According to the 2000 US Census there were 87 people, 35 households, and 26 families residing in the city. The population of Woodbury is made up of 48.3% males and 51.7% females. The average age of a Woodbury resident is 37.83 years old.

Map of Woodbury