Our History

Morgantown Kentucky, county seat of Butler County, was founded in 1813. It began as a community of revolutionary war soldier settlements awarded land for military service south of the green river and pioneer settlers heading west from the Shenandoah valley through the Cumberland gap. Today the small community of 2,500+ enjoys the quaint pace of yesterday with access to the 21st century through our fiber optic internet gateway and modern transportation from the national interstate system.

Morgantown, located just off the Natcher Parkway (formerly Greenriver Parkway), is nestled in south central Kentucky within a short driving distance of Bowling Green and Louisville Kentucky, and the metropolitan Nashville Tennessee area. Morgantown is totally surrounded by beautiful, serene farmland and some of the friendliest southern people you will ever want to meet. Morgantown also boasts some of the finest local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, DAR and Butler County Historical Society. Morgantown Kentucky offers all the amenities associated with a large metropolitan area while maintaining the advantages of a small community; affordable housing, family values, friendly people, low crime rate, strong work ethics and involved leadership. A community where everyone knows everyone by name embracing that old time southern hospitality and charm.

A Quaint Community

Morgantowns' reputation as a "quaint community" is the result of the entire community's commitment. As a community, we value our small town atmosphere settled among the rich rural farmland around us and the local historical perspective that take us back in time. To preserve our heritage, we seek to encourage diversified opportunities and at the same time enhance community participation for the quality of life for all our citizens. We continually strive to establish a strong, well-integrated community that fosters local businesses and industries, maintain a clean and safe environment, as well as an overall fiscally sound and pleasant community. This strong sense of community and vision has been achieved through the will and vested interest of our citizens. The community's motto of "Community First" integrates meeting the challenge of the future, while celebrating and preserving our past is the main characteristic that visitors leave with when coming to our community.​